We Are In The Last Days

On a yardstick, we live 1/16th of an inch here. The rest will be in eternity. How important it is, therefore, to make sure where our eternity will be spent!

I believe we are in "the last days." Why do I believe that?

The Word of God (the Bible) tells us what to watch for, how to know when we are in those days the Bible calls "the time of the end." The greatest sign, which before this generation could not have happened, is the return of the nation of Israel.

The Scriptures foretold that there would be two judgments upon Israel in which they would lose their Temple, their city and their land. The first was in 586 BC when the Temple was destroyed and the Jews were taken captive to Babylon, present day Iraq. That captivity was to last for 70 years, and then they were restored to their land, and their city of Jerusalem and the Temple were rebuilt.

The second took place in 70 AD, not long after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Titus of Rome came upon Jerusalem, destroyed the Temple, and this time the Jews were not taken captive to one place, but were dispersed throughout the world. Today there are Jews in every country on earth, no matter how small or how far away. Truly that prophecy was literally fulfilled.

That dispersion was foretold to be for a very long time, and the Scriptures revealed that the nation of Israel would one day be restored, this time permanently, and that this would signal the final generation.

At the end of the 20th century, God started moving upon Jewish hearts, and they started returning to Israel, slowly at first, but steadily. But the full restoration was to come after the Holocaust. Satan, recognizing the beginning of the return of the Jews to Israel, raised up a man called Adolf Hitler who was demon-possessed and filled with hatred for the Jewish race. Hitler was used in Satan's determination to destroy the Jews so that they would not be able to be restored to Israel, because Satan knows the Scriptures and he knows that when the restoration of Israel begins, that will be the beginning of the end for HIM. In this endeavor, he succeeded in killing six million Jewish people and would have killed them all if he could have, indeed that was his intent, but he was stopped.

Out of the horrors of the Holocaust, the survivors of the death camps were liberated after WWII and these weak and emaciated children of Jacob began making their way back to the ancient land of their fathers.

On arriving in Israel, they found malaria-infested swamps in the north, and desert in the south. Not prime property to be sure, but with great effort and great patience they were able to drain the malaria-infested swamp lands, and to irrigate the south lands thus making the land rich and prosperous.

In the ensuing years, Jewish people began coming home to their homeland in droves, and finally, in May of 1948, the nation of Israel was established once again, after TWO THOUSAND YEARS!

The very next day, Israel was attacked by five Arab countries surrounding them. To say these poor Holocaust victims were unable to defend themselves would be an understatement. But beyond all explanation, the God of Israel gave the victory to his people, and they survived against all odds.

Later, Israel would be attacked again and again, but every time she was attacked she gained more of her covenant land back, and in 1967 Israel regained the city of Jerusalem, one of the great miracles of this century. Since that time, Satan has not let up in his fierce determination to stop this restoration, because when it is completed, Satan will be eliminated. Hence, the fierceness of his efforts against them. Satan has created Islam, the most lethal of his weapons ever created since the beginning of time. And before the end, they will be used to ruin earth and all its inhabitants. To read the description of the horrors of the last days, read the Book of Revelation, the final book of the Bible in which, from chapter 6 and onward, reveals the great and terrible things that will befall planet earth as the wrath of God is unleashed upon a wicked and Christ-rejecting world.

This is how we know we're in the final generation. It could not have been the final generation had the Jews not been restored to Israel, because the restoration of Israel is the key sign given us that we are in "the last days." Jesus gave several more signs, listed in Matthew's gospel, chapter 24, wars, rumors of war, earthquakes, famine and pestilence (diseases.) Skeptics say "we've always had those things from the beginning." True. Every generation has had its great earthquake, or great famine, or great disease or plague, or great war. But Jesus defined the signs of the last days as "birth pains," meaning it will be the generation that sees ALL of these things concurrently, all happening in the same generation, and increasing in frequency and intensity. And that's what we are witnessing right now before our very eyes.

My intent with this site is to provide here all you need to know about the last days. It will be a great undertaking, but a very needed one. Every effort will be made to make it as simple and clear and understandable so that everyone can come to understand all these things and prepare for them.