Who IS This Man?

"...you may not set a foreigner over you, who is not your brother."
Deuteronomy 17:15

It is incredible that the American people sat silently as "the powers that be" placed in the White House a man who comes out of nowhere, and of whom we know almost nothing, becoming America's first illegal president. When the place of his birth is unknown, the people look away. When the records of his education are sealed, America looks away. When he has a fake Social Security number, America looks away.

When he hails from a "church" that condemns Christianity, that says "God d--n America," and that professes Marxism, America looks away. When he openly mocks Christianity, America looks away. When he refuses to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastens to host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the White House, America looks away. When he bows before Muslim terrorist leaders, America looks away.

When this man fosters every kind of evil there is, America looks away. When he supports the murder of little boys and little girls as they're being born, America looks away. When he imposes the homosexual agenda upon America even demanding that our young elementary school children be taught to question their own gender, America looks away.

When he forces onto the American people a healthcare agenda doomed to fail and imposes harsh penalties on those who reject it, yet exempts Muslims, America looks away. When he gets this country into a depth of debt never before seen in America, the American people look away.

When this man installs 57 members of the most radical terrorist group in the world, the "Muslim Brotherhood," onto the payroll of his administration, America looks away. When this man fires more than 200 of America's top military men, incredibly, America looks away. When he openly snubs and treats with scorn the prime minister of Israel, our only ally in the Middle East, America looks away. When he sends men to Israel to set up a campaign to depose Israel's prime minister, America looks away.

When this president says that the Constitution of the United States is "just a piece of paper," America looks away. When he bypasses Congress and defiantly enacts executive orders, and when he defies the Supreme Court -America looks away.

Is this not the Man of Lawlessness?

Concurrent with all this, God has raised up men to bring to America the message that terrible judgments are coming upon the country. One man brings to America the message of "The Harbinger," clearly showing the American people that they are going down the exact same road Israel went down before she was destroyed, complete with undeniable and almost incredible signs testifying of this.

God sends another man to bring to America the declaration of the heavens that judgment is coming, by showing that in two consecutive years there are four total lunar eclipses resulting in "blood moons" and that each of them falls on a Biblical holiday, along with two solar eclipses, signs that are unmistakably showing terrible judgments to come. God is sending a clear message to America through these two men, both of whom are Jewish believers, one from the priestly tribe of Levi.

And now some crazy scientists have fired up a hadron collider that two of the most brilliant physicists in the world have warned could destroy the planet, and as this collider gets started, a rash of earthquakes and volcanos hit the earth, one in Nepal which destroyed the temple of Shiva in Darbar Square. The collider is said to be reaching into another "dimension" complete with apparitions and unexplainable supernatural phenomena. Incredibly these scientists, most of whom are atheists, have dedicated the collider to the Hindu god "Shiva, the god of destruction," and placed an idol to Shiva before the CERN facility.

And also concurrent with all this, America looks away as a "military exercise" many believe is a program to bring martial law upon America -which has believers terrified while most of America looks away...

When these things bring upon America the judgment she most surely has invited ...

God ...will look away.

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