Marching As Lambs To The Slaughter

The word to remember is CONVERGENCE. First I'll show the process leading up to where we are today. And then I'll show the convergence of all the forces bringing us to the end.

Taking a look at the progressive overturning of morality in America since prayer and Bible reading were banned in all public places:

Kicking God Out Of Schools
It all started in 1960 with Madalyn Murray O'Hair. She came against prayer and Bible reading in our public schools. It went all the way to the Supreme Court and in 1963 it became the law of the land. Later, Madalyn Murray O'Hair came to a violent and horrible death. Her body had been cut into dozens of pieces with a saw. Identification had to be made through dental records. And now she has eternity to spend in the darkest of regret.

The Murder Of Unborn Children
In 1973 the Supreme Court ruled that a woman has a right to murder her unborn child. Since then, America has murdered more than 60 MILLION unborn children. Their blood cries out to God from the earth. (Genesis 4;10)

In 1981 HIV/AIDS came to the forefront, afflicting mostly those involved in homosexuality. Since 1981 more than 650,000 people have died of the disease in the US, most of them, though not all, yet most of them -were homosexuals. Today, more than one million are living with the disease in the US. "In your face, God!" -in 2015, the Supreme Court has now ruled that homosexual freedom is the law of the land.

At one time there was a rating available to parents so they could guide the decency of what they allowed their children to watch. Today the ratings are totally meaningless. Hollywood puts out more evil than the worst of us should be allowed to watch. Indeed, America has filled its mind and soul with what they have "channeled" as they've sat before the filth streamed to them in tv and movies.

Harry Potter
In 1997, the "Harry Potter" books began coming out. The series was based on sorcery. The first one, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" was published in June 1997. As though the author had some kind of "devilish anointing," children across the country were drawn to these books as never seen before from any children's book ever published. From these books children were led into the regime of the occult, and only God knows the tragedies that has led to. God says that anyone involving himself in anything occult is an ABOMINATION to him. These innocent children were drawn unwittingly into a subject that was purposed by hell to destroy them. See what God has to say about it in Deuteronomy 18:10-14 If you have dabbled in the occult, you are an abomination to God.


In 2008, God placed a very evil man in the seat of the president of the United States. This man has defied God on every conceivable issue. One should take a look at pictures and videos of the dismembering of children being born in what is called "partial birth abortion." The man in the White House approves and voted for the allowing of this horrific process of torture and murder. But that's only the beginning. The evil this man has fostered in this country has led the nation into defiance and scorn toward the Word of God such as our founding fathers would never have believed possible. God has raised up men to loudly warn Americans that they are on a road to destruction, but few were listening.

So now...

"The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood,
BEFORE the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord."
Joel 2:31

Blood Moons
2014-1015 are the years of the last four "blood moon" lunar eclipses. The qualifying remark about them is that they have each, all four, fallen only on Biblical holy days.

Solar Eclipses
These two years are also the years of two solar eclipses and one partial, in addition to the lunar eclipses.

The Year of the Shmitah
The Shmitah is part of God's covenant with Israel, but it looks like it applies to the US as well, because the country was founded up the Word of God, called the "Judeo-Christian ethic." The Shmitah falls on Elul 29 on the Jewish calendar, every seven years. It's a day of either great deliverance and release, OR a day of the judgment of God, depending on the compliance of the people with the Word of God. In 2001, the Shmitah fell a few days after 9/11, on Elul 29, in a record-breaking fall of the stock market as a result of September 11. Seven years later, in 2008, the stock market made a new record stock market crash, and it happened again ON Elul 29, the day of the Shmitah. This year is another Shmitah year. Coming in September.

The president of the United States has turned from all things Christian and Jewish, and has bowed (literally) before Islam. He has opened the borders of America so that anyone at all can come in illegally, and the terrorists are now here embedded among us. He has placed many members of the Muslim Brotherhood on his staff. The Muslim Brotherhood is the most lethal of all the terrorist groups.

Jade Helm
We don't know the depths of what is happening, only that the government is telling us that they're doing military "exercises" across several of our southern states. We know it's far more than that, because we've caught them in several lies. Five Walmart stores closed on the same day, stores in several states, all for plumbing problems? Saying they will reopen? Then why have they taken down the huge Walmart signs, logos, and every other sign that would identify them as Walmart stores? They've removed all the stock, all the shelving, and have posted police at every entrance. They're going to reopen? If you believe that...

People across the country have videotaped multitudes upon multitudes of tanks, humvees, artillery, and all things military being transported as far as the eye can see on our national railroads and on our highways. They've noted many ice cream trucks, (think "freezers" and let your imagination explain it to you) among the military convoys. And they've been seen not only in the states they told us were going to be the states where the "exercizes" were going to take place. There has been a vast military buildup in most of the United States, as far up as Maine. Remember back when the government purchased more than a billion rounds of hollow-point bullets? That was perhaps the beginning of our noticing something was very, very wrong. We don't know what's coming, but our imaginations have suggested...

A False Flag
It looks like the buildup of military armaments in all our states is indicating a soon-coming declaration of martial law. If the man in the White House intends to stay in the White House, the only way he can make that happen is to declare martial law, because as long as the country is in a state of martial law, he remains in the White House. Now -- how can he proclaim martial law? He needs a false flag. A false flag is a government-induced disaster that would fall upon the country creating a state of emergency nation wide. It could be nuclear, it could be biological, anything that would put the country in a state of disaster. In such a scenario, he would declare martial law and then he is the dictator we never thought we'd have. The roundups would start ...think Holocaust.

The New World Order and Depopulation
One of the goals of the New World Order is to reduce the population of "useless eaters" who are consuming too much of the earth's resources. They plan to reduce the population of the earth from approximately 7 billion, to 500 MILLION. That means more than 6 billion people are going to be done away with. They've already reduced the population through wars, genocide, disease, abortion, euthanasia, and birth control. But the great play on mass extermination is still ahead of us. If you don't believe that ...just wait. The New World Order was foretold in the Word of God and will be headed by a man called the Antichrist, who is most certainly waiting even now in the wings to rise to power.

At the same time all this is happening, physicists have built the largest and most complicated machine in the world, seventeen miles long and way below the surface of the earth, and they are trying to reach into other dimensions. We live in the dimensions of time and space, but there are other dimensions and these educated fools are trying to breach them. The project has been dedicated to the false god Shiva, "the god of destruction," and they have a huge idol of Shiva right in front of their facility. Their logo, prominently displayed throughout, is 666. It has been reported that they have made some contact with another dimension, and have seen apparitions and strange events happening. Of course, Shiva isn't going to let them know who or what they've reached. Some physicists say they've opened up "portals" or gateways for beings from that other dimension to enter our world. Two of the greatest physicists of our day, Stephen Hawking and Neil DeGrasse Tyson have warned them that what they're doing could destroy the planet. One expert pointed out that the rise in Islamic brutality really increased at the time of the startup of CERN. He said one of the effects of what they're doing at CERN is that it is affecting the minds of men on the earth. Notice how the whole increase of violence everywhere has only recently become unusual. Since the collider was started up again on Easter Sunday (don't you just love how the Lord is prompting so many things to be happening on key "religious" dates so we'll 'get it'?) -well since then we've had several earthquakes greater than 6.0 on the Richter scale and a record number of volcanos erupting around the earth. Interestingly, one of the earthquakes hit Nepal, and where did it do it's most damage? It destroyed the Temple to Shiva!

Along with these  things developing, the world is marching toward what the Bible describes as a global government and a global religion. The Antichrist will head up the one-world government which is rapidly forming even now. What happens at the UN in September may very well be the launch of it. And at the same time there will be a global, or "ecumenical" religion headed up by a man the Bible calls "the false prophet."  According to what we know, it looks like the current pope is measuring up perfectly to take on that role. The false prophet comes in as a man of peace to lead the world to hell. He will be known for his false "humility," he'll love the poor, and he'll tell the world that we all worship the same God so let's join together regardless of what you call him. He may very well show his true colors when he arrives to speak at the UN in September.

An interesting note: the Roman Catholic church has an observatory on Mount Graham in Arizona, and they are using one of the most intricate advanced technology telescopes in the world to peer into space, looking for extraterrestrial beings. The name of the telescope is Lucifer. I know, it's almost beyond belief, but it's true. Google it. Many suspect that when the pope speaks at the UN in September, he might introduce the concept to the world.

And Finally, UFO's
We know from the Scriptures that when the Rapture takes place, a great delusion will fall upon the people left behind. There will be some explanation given for why we were taken away, and of course it won't be the truth. Some have suggested that because of the increased world-wide interest in UFO's, the deception might be that we were taken to another place for "re-education." I get that word from the New Agers who are perpetrating this concept. Indeed, the pope has already raised the issue of whether we should baptize aliens from other planets should they come into our world. Anyone reading this and scorning, just remember this when the time comes. Believers in Jesus Christ are not going to be taken to another planet to be "re-educated." Jesus Christ is going to come for his believers, and that event will have to be explained away to those left behind, and this is one possible deception that might be used to explain it.

Now let's take a look at the lineup for 2015

For a larger view of this chart:

March 20-21
Nisan 1 New Year
Begins Religious New Year
Total Solar

April 4

3rd total Lunar
April 5
Easter – CERN is started up. Logo is 666

June or July
Jade Helm

July 20
Tisha b’Av

Sept 12-13
Elul 29 -Shmitah
Partial Solar

Sept 13-14
Rosh HaShanah

Sept 15
The 70th session of the UN General Assembly begins
Sept 22-23
Yom Kippur and the Pope speaks
Sept 23
Pope in Washington meets with Obama
Sept 24
France Foreign Minister announced 3 times
that climate chaos will erupt by Sept 24, 2015

Sept 24
Pope in Washington at the Capitol to address a joint meeting of Congress
Sept 25
Pope in New York to speak before the 70th United Nations General Assembly
Will France introduce a resolution to recognize a Palestinian state?
US to implement Sustainable Development Agenda 21? New World Order?
Sept 25-27
Pope in Philadelphia
The World Conference on Families
Sept 25-27
United Nations to launch a new sustainable development
agenda for the entire planet. 
Sept 28
4th total Lunar and Super Moon
A “super moon” visible in Israel