For So It Was With The Children Of America

For so it was that the children of America sinned against 
the Lord their God who had brought them up out of the land 
of England and the other nations of the world from whence 
they came, and from under the hand of despot kings who had 
oppressed them.

But the children of America became fat and rich and they 
turned to heed other gods and walked in the ways of the 
nations that the Lord had delivered them from. And they
turned to wickedness and practiced evil in all their cities,
as the nations had done which the Lord had delivered them 
from, and they did wickedness to provoke the Lord to anger.

The Lord testified against America by his servants and 
prophets saying, "Turn from your evil ways, and keep 
my commandments and my laws, according to all that I
commanded you through your founding fathers and the 
good way in which you were led.  And the statutes, the 
ordinances, the law, and the commandments which they
wrote for you, you shall be careful to observe forever; 
you shall not pay heed to any other gods or the ways of 
the nations of the world around you.  And the covenant 
that I have made with your fathers you shall keep, and I
will deliver you from the hand of  your enemies."

Nevertheless, the children of America would not hear, but 
stiffened their necks like the necks of their professors and 
their New Age counselors and their media devils who did 
not believe in the Lord their God nor had interest in his 
Word. They did not obey, but they continued in their own 
ways and rituals and traditions and the ways of the whole

The Lord their God brought upon them great calamities, 
hurricanes, fires,  floods, storms, tornadoes, and sent fire
upon their towers to plead with them lest they be destroyed. 
But the children of America continued to walk in all the sins 
of Charles Darwin, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, and of Gloria 
Steinhem, who made America to sin, and of the sodomists, 
and all manner of rebels. They sacrificed their children to the 
god of Choice and did what all the corrupt ones did and taught, 
and they did not depart from them until the Lord purposed to 
remove America out of his sight as he had said by the mouth 
of his servants the prophets.

Whereas they rejected his laws and the intents that he had 
spoken through their founding fathers and followed instead 
their false teachers and the men after their own hearts their 
heroes, professors, counselors, and theatrical stars, the ones 
they considered the wise of their day who became the delight
of their itching ears, they became idolaters in their hearts and 
did like the nations throughout the earth concerning whom the 
Lord their God had charged them that they should not do like 
unto them.

And at the last after the pleadings of the Lord and of all the 
men that he sent to her, when it was plain that the children of 
America would not repent, America was given over to the 
hand of her enemies.  And America was destroyed from the face 
of the whole earth.