Two Leaders -Two Kingdoms -Two Gods

Two of the key players in "last days" events. One is the leader of Israel, the other the leader of the godless White House, who hates Israel's leader and is working behind his back to aid Iran, ancient Persia, to develop nuclear weapons.

Iran has stated publicly and often that its aim is to destroy Israel, to "wipe Israel off the map." So why is Barak Hussein Obama aiding and abetting them?

One weapon discharged over Israel would pretty much devastate the country. Will the God of Israel allow Goliath to succeed in doing it?

It should not be missed that Iran has also said they will destroy America. First the little Satan, Israel, they say, and then the great Satan America.

It also should not be missed that Israel is under covenant protection by the God who has brought them back from their very long dispersion throughout the world and reestablished them in the land of their forefathers as he promised. Israel is guaranteed to survive. America is not.

Consider this: in the lists of countries that will come against Israel in "the last days," the greatest, most powerful nation in all of history is not mentioned. Iran (Persia) is mentioned, Russia (Gog) is mentioned, all the countries surrounding Israel are mentioned. But glaring in its absence is the great USA.

The time is close. If you're not right with God, don't wait to make that right.