Islam Acknowledges Jesus?

Moslems say that the Koran honors Jesus as a Prophet. A Prophet doesn't lie. If they acknowledge him as a Prophet, then why do they not believe what he said? Either he truly is a Prophet and his words are true, - or - his words are not true and he's a liar.

Islam claims to acknowledge Jesus as a prophet? Really? A prophet? Then hear the words of the prophet:
 "I am THE way, THE truth, and THE life,
 .no one comes to the Father EXCEPT BY ME."
  -John 14:6
In other words, you can’t get there any other way. That’s what the prophet Jesus said. Either claim him as a Prophet, and believe what he said - Or - deny the claim and call him a liar. If he is truly a Prophet and his words true... then the consequences of rejecting what he has said are ominous. If his words are true... then nothing in life can be more important than believing and receiving him.