Might Homosexuality Be Demonic?

Before posting an article someone sent me today, I want to say this first.

People, including pastors, have rebuked me for saying that homosexuality is something that sometimes, maybe most times, the person is born with. I have reasons to believe that. Hear me out.

I was 5 months into my walk with the Lord. We were about to go to Boston to what would be the first Christian conference I ever attended. Just prior to that, I had read Don Basham's book "Deliver Us From Evil," which is an expose on the activity of demon spirits - both as presented in the Bible, and as experienced by many people even in this generation. I was a bit skeptical - I mean, DEMONS???? I wouldn't even have said the word out loud. I mean!!!!

But after reading that book, I prayed. I asked the Lord to show me if this is true. I wasn't asking him to show me at the conference, it was just coincidental that I had read that book at that time.

It was a wonderful conference, one I'd never forget for the rest of my life. The worship was outstanding. The seminar teachings were tremendous. But at the end of one of the morning sessions, I stayed behind because I wanted to ask questions about the "Baptism in the Holy Spirit." So the people I was with left, and I approached one of the ministers, asking to further clarify this subject to me, and he was happy to further instruct me on it.

After maybe five minutes, I heard a sound, an unearthly sound such as I had never ever heard before. The hairs on my arms stood up. I thought an animal had come into the hall, and I turned around to look. It wasn't an animal. The minister speaking with me told me not to watch that, but how could I help it? There in the back of the hall were two ministers, one on each side of a young man of about 20 years old. The young man's hair and clothing were saturated and matted with sweat and he looked like a piece of limp spaghetti. The ministers on each side of him were commanding an evil spirit to leave him, and each time they made the command, the spirit within the young man screeched out in a voice that sounded like an animal and said "this is my home, I've been in him since before he was born, and I am NOT going to leave." And then it would shake the boy up. But the ministers continued to command the spirit to leave saying, "you may have been here since before he was born, but he has stated with his own mouth that he is no longer in agreement with you, and wants you OUT. So you most certainly ARE going to leave, because we are commanding you in the Name of Jesus to leave him. It was a spirit of homosexuality.

This went on, back and forth, for several minutes. It was the most awful thing I'd ever seen in my life. I lost all interest in the minister who I had asked questions of, and just watched this spectacle taking place right before my eyes. Finally, the Name of Jesus prevailed, and after convulsing the young man, the spirit left him. The young man was so overcome that I wouldn't have been surprised if they found he was dead. But he wasn't, and finally they got him up and seated him in the chair. The ordeal was over with.

The next morning, I saw that same young man in the hall, and his entire countenance had changed. It was almost as though he shined, and I knew I had witnessed the power of God. And after musing on that for awhile, I suddenly remembered the questions I had asked of the Lord before going to the conference, "Are these things real? Are there actual demon spirits in the world today? Can they take over a part of a person's personality???" I never expected such a demonstration as an answer, but boy, now I knew for sure! And as the years went by, I would see more and more of this and I learned beyond the shadow of any doubt that this is real, it happens today, and furthermore, it is NOT uncommon.

I'm posting the following article which someone sent me today. Please read it with what I have said in mind. This is real, folks.

The Article:

Sieging Hell and Bringing Heaven to Earth

Fifty or so young people gathered on Oak Lawn Avenue, positioning themselves on the sidewalk outside of JR’s Bar and Grill, one of many nightclubs found in this neighborhood, which is well-known for it’s large population of homosexuals.

The group stays in a tight circle, praying and singing worship songs and asking God for holiness. They are there to confront the spirit of perversion.

Unlike a political protest that is against something, a purity "Siege" is for something …holiness. It is on-location prayer taking place at sites of “impurity,” and is just one way people are participating in the I-35 Highway of Holiness movement, which is part of Light the Highway, a worldwide movement to bring reformation to cities, regions and entire nations as thousands of believers commit themselves to personal and corporate holiness.

As the prayer and worship continue, the power of God falls, and the young people start evangelizing, talking to, and praying for people including homosexuals, transgenders and transvestites. They share with them how God loves them, and that through the power of Jesus Christ, they can be set free from their sinful lifestyle. The purpose of the Siege was not to communicate a message of hate or exclusion, but rather, a message of love, forgiveness, acceptance and freedom.

The response is overwhelming as people begin to fall on the ground under the power of the Holy Spirit, and others begin making proclamations, saying they want to leave their lifestyle and be set free.

On this evening, those present continued to intercede for five hours. One of the most astounding encounters of the evening was that of James, a 19 year-old homosexual atheist, who called the police in an effort to stop the Siege. One of the men from the Siege struck up a conversation with him, and James eventually stated that he had never accepted Christ nor felt the power of God. The young man told James he was about to experience something that would change his life, and that is exactly what happened. James was one of many who fell under the power of the Holy Spirit that night. He then accepted Christ as his Savior, and was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.

James had intended to propose to his male partner that evening, and wore on his finger the ring he was going to give him. However, after he encountered Christ, he discovered the ring now bore the imprint of a cross. Somehow that ring, a symbol of his old lifestyle, got marked with a cross! Later, a jeweler looked at the ring and confirmed that this alteration of the metal just does not happen. We serve a miraculous God!

Immediately, James packed his Jeep and moved in with five students who attend Heartland School of Ministry, a Bible college in Irving, Texas. He left his family, his partner, everything he knew, and everything that identified him with his past. Now his plan is to attend Heartland School of Ministry. In an interview, James said, “I am willing to talk to any homosexual, drug addict or sex addict because I've known what hell feels like, but now I know what heaven feels like and it is so much better.”

If you would like to participate in Purity Sieges happening in your area, you can go to the Purity Siege page at our Light the Highway website and find out what is happening.

If you are in the Dallas area, and would like to participate in a Purity Siege with the team from Heartland World Ministries or if you would like to plan your own Purity Siege, contact Joe Oden for more information at: joe@joeodenministries.com

Article condensed from:
Generals International