Islam -Little Red Riding Hood In A Burqa?

Why is it that the US doesn't "get it?" It appears to me that the US is like politically-correct sheep being led to the slaughter; being escorted there by none other than the Big Bad Wolf himself, albeit in disguise.

When you have an enemy SWORN to your DESTRUCTION, tolerance and an effort to appease that enemy is a wrong and an insane response. Both the US government and the media insist that the terrorist segment of Islam doesn't represent all of Islam, and that we must practice "tolerance" for the sake of the Muslims in our country who are peaceful. After all, they have "rights" too, don't they! Yes, and believe me, they're going to make the most of them!

This is insanity. First of all, you can't tell who among the Muslims in this country are the "peaceful ones," because the terrorists deliberately live among "peaceful" Muslims, and take on a normal lifestyle while doing everything to conceal their terrorist intents. They blend into society, take ordinary jobs, and you'd never know the insidious plots and plans going on in the secret lives of these base personalities who might be living peacefully right next door to you.

The USA has never been a Muslim country. In fact, Islam has been very lightly represented among us until recent times. Whether "peaceful" or not, they have a culture totally foreign to us. They don't belong here. This country, despite the naysayers, was built and established on the Judeo-Christian ethic, the very people most highly targeted by Islam. Muslims have made it clear, in plain English, that their intent is to destroy Israel, "the little Satan," and then America, "the big Satan." For a long time their motto has been "first the Saturday people, and then the Sunday people." They have minced no words about it, stating it publicly and openly. And nice guys that we are, we just chirp that they have "rights," so they can say what they want -- but they don't mean it of course, they're just voicing their frustrations. See, if we treat them well enough, they'll actually WANT to embrace the freedoms and prosperity and lifestyle of such a lovely people as we. So we let the Big Bad Wolf move right in to mingle happily with us as we go about our business. They can build mosques, and say anything they want in those mosques, after all that's their "right." Rights? Try to build a church or synagogue in ANY of their countries and you'll learn quickly what they think about rights. To them, rights are the craziness of America, and will be used to take us down. And down we'll go, avowing their rights all the way to our destruction.

In the meantime, they're using another insidious tool in their multi-pronged goal of destroying us, and that's the slow taking over of America from within. It is not a stretch to say that one Muslim making his way into our government is not going to be a one-time thing. Just watch!

My question, and this really leaves me scratching my head, is WHY the American people are so naive. It makes no sense, none at all. Little Red Riding Hood is totally content to allow the Big Bad Wolf walk along with her, and would be aghast at the suggestion that he intends to make her his dinner meal. Go along then, America, go ahead and walk with this pernicious stranger in your land. It may be easier, even, for this wolf to take down the Sunday people first -and then take the Saturday people for dessert.